Adrian and I are passionate about teaching Classical Guitar, about passing on all the things that we have learnt over the years inspiring a new generation of enthusiasts, whether young or old, to learn, listen to and play the Classical Guitar.

This area of our web site is designed to offer ideas and advice on building a music library, expanding your repertoire and developing practice ideas. We also have a growing collection of music of all standards free for you to download.

  • Music Library

    My intention here is to encourage you build a library of music from the essential (in my opinion) basics that every guitarist should know, to more individual and personal pieces.

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  • Teaching

    The Classical Guitar is our passion, Selina and I have been teaching all ages and abilities for over 30 years with many of our students going forward to study at University.

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  • PDF Download’s

    Selina’s arrangements of music, with emphasis on ensuring arrangements helps to bring out the musical story in each composition offering advice, where necessary, on technique. We hope you like them.

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  • Training Day Videos

    “Training Day” section of Guitar Campus is exactly that, an area where you will find help and advice that can be used each day for training.

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